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Last Minute Valentine Gifts January 27, 2010

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Chocolate Gift Basket

 Gift giving is an action that most often creates a wonderful experience between two people.  This great feeling can be guaranteed with the purchase of a chocolate gift basket.  Chocolate is one of the most pleasurable foods a person can eat.  It is associated with love, romance, respect and celebrations.  No matter the occasion—whether it be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or graduation—you cannot go wrong with a beautiful basket full of delicate chocolates and other indulgences.  Have the gift arrive at the office of a loved one as a surprise or deliver the gift yourself if you want to see the sparkle of appreciation in their eyes as they sift through the contents of the basket.

There are several ways that you could go about obtaining a chocolate gift basket to give your friends and family members during the holidays or other special events.  You could purchase each part separately at the store and construct your own basket, but this takes a great deal of time, energy, and usually more money than selecting a pre-built basket.  Especially when the recipient of your gift lives far away, you can order online and have your gift delivered without being damaged on its way to your requested destination.

Only gourmet chocolates are worth sending to your dearest loved ones.  If you have ever tried Ghirardelli chocolates, then you understand their value in a chocolate gift basket.  There are entire chocolate gift baskets built with only raspberry, mint and caramel-filled chocolate squares.  Choose from dark or milk chocolate, and incredibly rich hot cocoa mix.  These gorgeous Ghirardelli sets are beautiful, both to behold and taste!  What a perfect combination to show your friends and family how much you care about them!

While completely chocolate gift baskets are popular, many others come alongside other treats to indulge in than just cocoa.  Common goodies to accompany chocolate are toffee pretzels, cheese and crackers, caramel popcorn, tea cookies, Roca, tortilla chips and salsa.  This collection sounds like it could be several gift baskets, but in reality you can get all this and more in a single chocolate gift basket!  Can you imagine the time and energy it would take to gather all these products and arrange them on your own?  Your thoughts need not even stray there when you can have a professional company compile and deliver your choice of gift basket for you.


Is Technology Always A Good Thing? January 19, 2010

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I just returned from the hospital from seeing my friend’s new baby!  I was really concerned about her labor and delivery because of circumstances occurring at her routine check-up a few days earlier.  After an ultrasound, the doctor without detailed information, said the baby would be 6lbs at birth and would thrive better outside the womb.  My friend, defaulting to the doctor, assumed this was best for her and the baby.  The inducement was scheduled for a few days later.  Matthew was born a healthy 7lbs 13oz.  This was nearly 10 oz more than their daughter who was born 8 years ago.  This calls into question if the ultrasound, or technology in general, is a nuisance or a beneficial tool. 

During my own labor, my son’s heart rate kept plummeting to an alarming rate with each contraction.  This is quite normal and he recovered fully each time.  We knew his exact heart rate because of the monitors that were on my body and his.  In the midst of delivery, my doctor being cautious, decided on a c-section.  I do believe that my son would have sustained a natural delivery without harm, since he was near being out with only a few pushes.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he had any long-term effects of oxygen deprivation.  My recovery from the c-section was quite difficult, but wouldn’t have changed it considering my son is quite healthy!  I think that overall, technology is very helpful, but sometimes it shouldn’t intrude with a process that has gone on for thousands of years.


Valentines Day January 15, 2010

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So, as the mother of a 2 year old, I want to instill habits of a chivalric gentleman into my son.  I think one way of doing this is to send his family and friends Valentines.  We have since begun making homemade Valentine cards using paints, crayons, stamps and stickers.  Hopefully we’ll be done making these within the month.  I truly enjoy the process of making the cards and the fact that he is giving away homemade things.  My struggle is- are people entitled to having presents on Valentine’s Day?  I believe most people, especially women, think they have a right to receive flowers, chocolates or something else on the big day.  Why are women so upset when they choose to date someone who isn’t romantic or doesn’t follow the the unwritten rules of our society.  If women want a gift so desperately, why don’t we earn the money and buy the gift ourselves?  I’d like to know what women make it mean when we don’t receive a gift on Valentines Day, or the right gift.  I think this entitlement is something genetic, almost a survival instinct.

When I was younger and dating my husband, I thought a lot about this topic. I happened to have married a man who doesn’t posses a romantic bone is his body.   On Valentines Day nowadays, I enjoy spending a dinner with my husband, son and the rest of my family.  I don’t expect a gift and I enjoy the time I can with my healthy loved ones around me.